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We understand the demands administrative work can make on your time.  If you need more time to focus on the finer details of your business, or to spend with your family, then let us support you with Remote Administrative Assistance.

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How do remote administrative services work?

Modern technology means your PA/office manager no longer needs to be in your workplace with you.  By using telephone, e-mail, and other internet communication (along with traditional fax and post when appropriate) we can work as part of your team.  We can meet for face-to-face meetings when required, but otherwise think of us as just down the corridor.


What are the benefits of using Baker-Bisi Executive Assistance?

  • Professional admin services for all of your business needs.
  • We work from home so no need for you to provide work space.
  • Avoid employment costs such as pensions, sick pay, national insurance, PAYE, etc.
  • Work charged per 15 minutes.
  • Specialist knowledge spanning science, medicine, education and technology.


We work with clients in a variety of industries, including:

  • Health-based services (doctors, dentists, pharmaceutical companies, veterinary practices).
  • Sales-focused businesses (manufacturers, distributors, retail outlets).
  • Guidance-based services (personal trainers, nutritionalists, counsellors).
  • Education (universities, colleges, schools, nurseries).
  • Any other business or charity that has administrative tasks to undertake.

We have vast experience in a variety of organisations, from small to large and in public sector and private sector.  Select from the options below to find out what we can do for your organisation.






Our Additional Experts

Although the company has been set up by us alone we have a core team of additional specialists to call upon that enables us to offer more than your average Virtual Assistant (VA) service.

Our team include experts in:

      • Graphic Design.
      • Systems Analysis and Database Development.
      • Bookkeeping.

We will provide a free initial consultation and personalised quotation fit for your needs. There is no obligation to take up our services and no commitment to a specified number of hours per month; you just call us when you need us. Work is charged in 15-minute increments so you never pay more than is necessary.

Our quotes are specific to each assignment so this will be discussed and agreed before any work is undertaken.