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Database Development

What is a database?

In our daily lives we are inundated with information.  A database is a way of storing information in an organised way for retrieval and management.  If you have a mobile phone then you already use database – your contact list, and the same principal can be applied to your business needs.


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Do I need a database?

If you keep any kind of records for your business then the answer is yes.  In the early days of your start-up a generic spreadsheet will probably do the trick.  As you become established a professional database built to your own specifications can be an invaluable asset.


Pam has worked as a Systems Analyst and Database Developer for over 15 years, focussing on small organisations such as care agencies, specialist waste disposal companies and engineering manufacturers.  Her databases are built using Compsoft’s Equinox,  an efficient system using both hierarchical and relational links, giving it many benefits over some other better known packages.

Your database will be designed specifically to meet your needs and the requirements of your company.

A database completely tailored for your needs for a stand alone system requires no licence and as such can be made for you for as little as £400.  When your business expands we can help your database evolve to fit your growing needs.  Further development work is charged at an hourly rate, quoted and agreed before work commences so you’ll never be surprised by your bill.


About Pam
Pam took the plunge into the world of computer programming by enrolling onto a HND Computing Mathematics course.  She juggled the demands of study and a busy home life with her husband and their three children . She passed with flying colours and 20 years later she has a successful database development business as well as running holiday cottages with her husband.