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Overseas Clients




How can we help you?

Those outside of the UK can also benefit from our expertise.

With the aid of technology distance is no obstacle to providing effective global business support and developing a good working relationship.

As we work remotely, transferring work via electronic communication or regular postal service (depending on your preference) we can provide assistance to you no matter where your usual country of work or residence is.  We are well-versed in the nuances of both UK and North American English.

Via email we can:

  • Receive digital dictation (as a sound file attachment) and handwritten notes (as scanned attachments).
  • Carry-out proof-reading in English and suggested edits accordingly (particularly useful if English is not your first language).
  • Return completed documents as an attachment in the requested format.

We can print documents and post them to the client or instructed recipient, or e-mail them back to the client.

 On a tight deadline?

The time difference between you and us can be very beneficial.  For example, for those working from the West Coast of the USA – our working day ends as your begins.  This means that if your work request is submitted to us at the end of your working day, your completed tasks could be waiting for you when you return to your desk the following morning.


If you would like a quote let us know where in the world you are working from and what currency you wish to receive your quotes and invoices in.

















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